i really like jackals...
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Hello! Seems you've stumbled upon my blog. Be forewarned, it's a menagerie of insanity.

This is a personal blog. Multi-fandom and all that jazz. I post a lot of Pokemon, Animals, Anime, Disney, and other things I'm obsessed with.

you show me a cute tan girl and i’ll show you how secretly gay i am 

That really is it isn’t it?

I have such a high drive for independence and freedom and I’m so comfortable in what I do and the things I love that I have to be with someone just as openminded and adventurous.

I have to be with someone that’s willing to jump into the unknown with me and now worry about the outcome, just focus on the journey, and the fact we’re doing it together, happily together.

It’s not about changing who you are or accepting me for who I am.

It’s about the genuine enjoyment of life and living in the moment and leaping forward without fear. 

Because the beauty of a relationship is that it takes two people to be in one and each person brings in their own unique elements into it. The relationship stems from what each person puts in, enjoying the quirks of one another and playing off our separate interests, not suppressing them.

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